About Ed Hamilton

I identify as a night photographer, but I love making photographs at any time of day. I love the mystery and challenge of shooting at night. Early in my photography life I searched for my shot on the streets of cities. But it was in San Francisco that I attended some workshops and got hooked on film-based night photography.

That has carried-over to the present day of the digi-cam. I love to walk around in the evening and early mornings in the residential and industrial neighborhoods near my home in Portland. Here I feel alone with my thoughts and feelings; the night is a blank canvas, and playground, where anything can (and does) happen.

I'm also interested in documenting some of the rapid changes currently taking place here in Portland. Iconic buildings and business are rapidly being razed, replaced by cookie-cutter apartment structures. I try to capture some of the history - and soul - of old Portland. Travel photography is also a strong interest...travel and new places are a major stimulant to me.